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Metal Wall Art: The Superpower That Can Truly Inspire a Living Space

Metal Wall ArtA well-decorated home lightens the mind, inspires the in-depth desire and soothes the soul. A perfect home may not necessarily be the embodiment of the most expensive articles. Instead, it focuses on bringing together the simplest yet the most elegant elements to sing a song of harmony. One such element that has increasingly caught the attention of décor enthusiasts is the metal wall art.

Metal wall art is affordable, durable and breathtakingly beautiful too. Metal wall décor items are of different types. Some of them include,

Wall panels and plaques

Metal wall panels showcase intricate designs that can adorn any part of a home and also offer a very unique touch when used in commercial spaces like restaurants or fashion stores. The panels are made of light weight metal and offer a classic look without causing eye sore. They are a common choice for most home owners

Metal mirrors

If there is a little twist that you would like to bestow upon your metal wall art, then mirrors are the invariable choice. Hanging mirrors are believed to be a touch of positive energy for the home in some parts of the world. Combining the mirror with intricate metal art can be a bold statement for almost any room in the home.

Metal wall art for the outdoors

Metal that is easy to maintain and can endure various weather conditions can be molded into the most aesthetically appealing pieces of wall artwork. Outdoor metal wall art is a brilliant choice for all those who wish to make the best first impression about their homes.

Metal cluster wall décor

A cluster (a group) of stars made of durable metal and polished to various shades of gold and silver with a touch of mirror work can look stunning for the living room, hallway or the dining space.

Creating magic with metal wall art

Metal artwork works well for every room in the home and wall art online stores may be a good option to explore the varieties available. With the huge number of designs, décor specialists are often left spoilt for choice.

Here are some stunning decor ideas to derive the best out of your metal wall art.

Metal artwork for a trendy living room

Metal wall art has the inherent power to transform an otherwise plain looking living room into something more classy and elegant.

Consider a simple room with white walls and dark hardwood floors. Add a carefully chosen metal wall plaque right above the central fireplace or in the music area. Almost instantly, the room loses its simplistic looks and the lustre from the metal adds so much class to the space. Alternatively, if your walls are painted in shades of beige, brown or a dull pink, use a brighter colour like blue or purple to accentuate the metal artwork.

The key to setting a simple yet trendy living room with metal wall art is to create the perfect cohesion between the shade of the metal, the choice of fabric and colour for the furniture and minimalistic use of other décor accessories.

Redefine your patio with more impact

It was a very long time ago that metal artworks were only meant for the indoors. Thanks to the durable metal, we can now beautify patios and any rendered outdoor space using the metal miracles.  

Intricately designed metal plaques made of rustic bronze add a lot of drama and impact to the patio. While choosing a metal wall décor for your outdoor, draw inspiration from the various elements of nature around. Whether you opt to match the plant types from your garden with your choice of metal panel or wish to use the metal mirrors to reflect the light from the sun, the options are plenty and the final decision is entirely yours!

Metal frames for the neutral bedroom

Neutral shade bedrooms are always in vogue. These rooms simply repel bright accessories and are unforgiving of décor errors. If you want drama without colours, add shiny metal plaques or cluster art and you will have a rock star room to show off.

Feel free to pair the metal décor with matching night lamps or a simple statue by your bedside. This overall metallic look can easily carry off a room as rich and sophisticated – a difficult feat to achieve unless you shed a significant amount off your wallet.

If you are looking for a mellowed down appearance, there are still several options to choose from. Visit one of the best metal wall art online stores to pick up décor elements made from subtle alloys like bronze, pewter, rose gold or oxidised steel. Experiment with the modern metal works until you achieve the warmest ambience for your endearing bedroom.

Metal art works well with the kitchen and dining space too

A kitchen filled with state-of-the-art steel appliances including a stainless steel wall range hood looks best with a metal wall art as anything too colourful can look out of place. Metal wall décor are the best match for dark hardwood floors that are commonly used to camouflage the wear and tear of the kitchen area.

Extend the elegance further by adding some bold metal wall patterns like metal flowers or a large mirror set into a classic metal frame to the hallway between the kitchen and the dining space.

 If you are looking to create a rustic look for your dining space, compliment the metal wall art with raw wooden beams and tables with a matt wooden finish. Metal wall art is also the best choice when you have a lot of silverware to display through glass cabinets in your dining room or kitchen.

 A few final words…

The most significant benefit about experimenting with metal wall art and trying to create different avatars of metal within a home is that these décor items are very affordable and of high value too. With the most basic interior home décor budget in place, the dream to redefine your living space can come true only metal wall decors.


  • What Types Of Surfaces Can The Wall Arts & Wall Decals Be Applied To? Our Wall Decals & Wall Arts can be applied to just about any clean, smooth and weather-resistant interior surface that is free of dust, grease, or other contaminates.
  • Are There Any Places I Shouldn’t Hang My Artwork? Placing Wall Art in moist environments like bathrooms, kitchens aren’t recommended. Your artwork should never be placed where it will come in direct contact with water. And also, we recommend you avoid hanging the piece in direct sunlight to keep it from fading.
  • Can I Place the wall arts to my freshly painted walls? If you just painted your walls, please allow at least 2 weeks or until your wall paint is fully cured before you place the wall art.
  • Can I Clean the Wall Art Once Placed? Yes, you can clean your Wall Art with a mild mixture of soap and water or a wet cloth. Note that abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals may damage the vinyl, so please avoid using it.
  • How Do I Remove the Wall Art? Usually you can simply peel up an edge of the sticker and slowly peel it off the wall. You can also use a hair-dryer to warm up and reactivate the glue, and then carefully peel it away.
  • Will Vinyl Wall Art Damage my Walls? No. The vinyl we use is high-quality decorator vinyl that will last for up to 5 years indoors. It has a clear adhesive that leaves no residue. This makes it great for decorating your home, apartment, place of business.
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