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Using Candles in Every Room of Your Home

Posted by John Mascali on

Using Candles in Every RoomLighting is a huge deal in décor. Candles fall into this category and unfortunately, they tend to be underrated. Many people think of them only as a solution for when the lights go out, but they can be used at other times too. Candles are great for creating a romantic atmosphere, relaxing ethos and for aroma therapy as well. One thing is for sure, that candles give off a warm glow that is a lot more welcoming and relaxing than bright lights.

You can purchase a variety of candle holders online that will allow you to cluster your candles, create different heights and more. Candles come unscented or scented depending on what you like. Candle holders also come in a wide variety, some stylish and ornate, others colourful. You can use your candles in any room in your house. Here are some great ideas!

Patio – You can use candles in your patio to do something wonderfully creative, chase away flying bugs while creating light. If you have tables you can use candle holders to do some fun things or to decorate your tables. You should also consider buying lanterns and filling them with tea lights.

Foyer – Create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere at the foyer with candlelight to welcome your guests or your family home. The warm glow and refreshing scent is a wonderful way to greet them.

Living room – This is a great place to put a votive candle holder. Turn off the lights and watch a movie with only the warm glow of candlelight. You can use candleholders to hide them while still enjoying their glow. Place them in a sconce on the wall or on the fireplace. You can also put your candleholder on a side table and enjoy the aroma.

Dining room – A candlelit dinner is one of the most romantic things you can do. Use a 7 piece candle holder to light your meal and enjoy the mood that goes with it.

Kitchen – Depending on the design of your kitchen you can use vintage of contemporary candle holders to light up the room with a warm glow. You can have them as a centrepiece on the kitchen table. It may also be a good idea to simply place them around the room.

Bedroom – For that romantic touch, place candles in your bedroom. Place them on a windowsill, a sconce or side table to give that warm glow. Even if your room is modern and contemporary, adding candles will give it that old-age appeal and a whimsical feel.

Bathroom – The bathroom allows you lots of leeway where candles are concerned. You can use bright colours especially if the room is monochromatic, keep the bathroom smelling fresh and get that relaxing feeling as you soak in the tub. Decorate by clustering the candles in a corner of the bathroom.

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