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What to Avoid When Decorating Your Home

Posted by John Mascali on

Home décor has an important influence on our day-to-day activities. But it’s not something that people do on a regular basis. First-timers are more likely to make some bad choices when it comes to décor than those who do indulge in it more often. Below, we’ve listed a few things to avoid while decorating your home.

Flashy colours

It pays to avoid monotony. However, be mindful of getting too flashy. You can get creative with colours. But while certain colours may seem all right in your head, it might backfire when you actually get around to using them. Bright, fluorescent colours tend to hit people right in the eye when they walk in and can be very distracting. Use milder colours. Or you could even purchase some good wall art online.

Scattered cables and wires

It’s impossible to avoid electronic gadgets in the 21st century. But it’s more than possible to keep wires and cables away from your line of sight. A lot of wires can be a terrible eyesore, and more importantly can pose as a safety hazard. Keep these tucked away behind furniture in order to avoid such issues.

Cluttering your space

A cluttered environment is perhaps the most important thing to avoid when it comes to home décor. Few things can be more cumbersome than having to navigate your way through your own home like it’s a maze of some sort. And you can avoid this by focusing on what is needed where. For example, maybe you’ve purchased a few clocks online. Instead of keeping most of them in the living room, it would be more useful to place some of them in the bedroom, where they would be more useful.

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