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Decorating a Small Bedroom: A Few Useful Pointers

Posted by John Mascali on

There are a lot of things you can do with a small bedroom to turn it into a cosy little space with just the right feel for those lazy Sunday afternoons. In case you’re running out of ideas or if you’re unsure of whether your ideas might work out, here are a few pointers to help you out. So take note!

Keep a focal point

Think of this focal point as something that draws your attention towards it. Like a headline in a newspaper or the protagonist in a movie poster. In the case of your bedroom, the most prominent thing would be your bed. You could have some decorative cushions to achieve this attention. Additionally, your window might be enough to draw attention in itself. Placing your bed near the window can perhaps work out in this case.

Be mindful of space

Having a huge bed in a small bedroom might cramp up the space and make it uncomfortable to move around. Consider the space around you and make your furniture choices accordingly. For example, having an iron bed or a platform or storage bed can give you more space in a small bedroom.

Choose a bold design

Having plain walls and little decoration can make your room a very bland space. Instead, consider purchasing some wall art online and decorating your walls with it. You can even have a theme in mind while choosing your wall art. Adding a decorative mirror if you have the space for it wouldn’t be a very bad idea either.

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